Bag of Alarms
donated by Tobigera

It looks just like a normal leather bag.

History: This bag was developed by a wizard who was sick to death of having his things stol. . .er. . .borrowed without permission by the kender that worked with him.

How it Works: This item is very annoying to kender and thieves alike. It hangs on your belt and holds items just like normal, but if anyone other than the person that the bag belongs to tries to take it off or take anything out, the bag will start to yell "Help! I'm being stolen!"

Bag of Butterflies
donated by Stickleaf

Small purple net.

History: It was made by a mage by the name of Galvin. I was in a dungeon and I found it a giant snake's lair.

How it Works: Apon opening the net a stream of butterflies fly out of the bag. The butterflies fill a 20x20ft. cube causing all within area to save vs. spell or be confused for 1d10 rounds. If they passed all with in area to be blinded for 1d6 rounds. Butterflies start to dispurse after 6 rounds.To recharge the net you must cacth the big leader butterfly.

Bag of Useless Things
donated by Soh Whardego

Small black silk sack.

History: Found it on a dead guy deep under a magic tower. I think it was supposed to be useful stuff but the area had been affected by wild magic...

How it Works: Reaching in will randomly select content. Items last 3 to 6 hours before turning to dust.
3 ft ladder
rusted bucket of water
broken sword
2 headed rat
toy sail boat
sun dial with continual darkness
continually beeping bracelet
werewolf mask
non-magic wand
bag of dust
bent arrow
glass gem
dog toy with fleas
other useless item (gm pick)
useful item (gm pick)
magic cursed item (gm pick)
magic useful item (gm pick)

bottomless pouch of holding
donated by Earwig Lockpicker

This looks like a normal pouch. or is it? put your hand
inside it. can you feal the bottom? i tryed for minutes
with no luck. i got bored so i went to find some fun :^)

History: This pouch was mad by the powerful mage Lord Archaia of
Istar, it was made before the Cataclysm and was transported
out of Istar when it met it's fate. Lord Archaia was not so

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work? you just put stuff in it.
when you open it, you can see all the stuf floating around
in it.

donated by TrickyGnomesCommiteeForStuffThatKills

Well,ItsASillyLittlePouchThatHasSomeBrownLeatherButIs StillMostleyBlackAndRedAlthoughThereWasNoRedWhenWeMadeItItWasSupposedToBeBrownAndBlackWithNo
RedOOWWWW! Thanks, I needed that. It has writing that says "Pouchofgeniesthatcankillandhurt" on it. I sometimes lapse into Gnomish.

History: WeMadeItByAccidentUsTheTwelveGnomesAndMeThe OnlyHumanOf (oops) Gnomes Commitee for study of magic
(Now the Gnomes Commitee for stuff that kills)

How it Works: It summons up a whole bunch of genies that suck you into the bottle and make you a genie(There were once two humansonthecouncil(Aack) nut my partener became the genie. So far there are also three Gnomish Genies(Part of the Council for Destroying Potentially Lethal Objects) and two Elven Genies.(Justpassingbystanders)

Cursed pouch of Excuses
donated by Uncle Trapspringer


Just a normal pouch

This pouch was made by my friend, Samaron of the black robes, he said who ever wore this pouch would make any kender's excuse real. I lost this pouch when I was on the black moon Nuitari. right before those gold eyed sand creatures devoured me.

How it Works:
You know what I mean, when you "find" something and you say "I will give this back as soon as I see him again." Then it happens.

Dreamer's Wonderful Bag of Painting
donated by Dreamer Jingleheim

This is a burlap sack I found. It's about the size of Santa Claus's sack. It's reeally tough, too. I poked it and prodded it and everything, and I even kept a hedgehog in it for a while, but it wouldn't break! (Sonic wasn't too thrilled with that...) Not even a scratch!

History: I don't know exactly where it came from, but this mage named Jacko or something had it tied to his belt when I first saw it. It slipped off and fell onto the ground and I thought "well, if he's that careless, I better hold onto that for him." Sadly enough, I forgot to give it back.

How it Works: What's reeeeeeally cool is what happens when you put something in! When you pull it out, it's a different color than when you put it in! Sonic came out blue, and my hoopak came out green, and my friend Wenston came out plaid....

Ember's Bag of Bags
donated by Tanaquil Furrfoot

It is a red quilted bag, about the size of a small backpack.

History: Well, my friend Ember, who's this really cool ranger who acts just like a kender sometimes, had it. I think she gave it to me, but I'm not sure. Either way, it's mine now. ) I'll bet there's something really cool in the middle. Other than that, it's really pointless.

How it Works: Upon opening, the bag contains another bag. This bag also contains another bag, and so on. The bags get progressively smaller and smaller only a kender could open the littler ones. ) Nobody has ever been known to reach the center. There are a total of 5d20+6 bags, including the one on the outside. If the PC actually gets to the middle, there is an item there. The details are mostly up to the DM--how long it takes to get the middle, what kind of item, magical or mundane, is in the center, etc.

Gnomish Pouch of Flasks
donated by Thistledown Kendergnome

It appears as a standard pouch, with the emblem of the Gnomish Brewers Guild on it.

History: The Gnomish Brewers Guild had a large number of these made by a Gnomish Mage who happened to be visiting and is still in their employ. To purchase one of these pouches, one must simply find a branch office of the Gnomish Brewers Guild, and pay the cost of a normal pouch and an extra steel for the Mage's efforts. Also, it will work no matter how many times it has changed hands.

How it Works: The mage was particularly skillful, and made it so that a person has only to place their hand in the pouch and think of a drink, and a flask of the size desired will appear in the pouch. Note that the cost of the drink and flask most be in the pouch for this to work, which are magically removed to the vault of the Brewers guild when the flask appears. Also, the pouch will expand to accomodate larger quantities of beverages, and then return to its original size when the flask is removed.

Kender Bag 'O' Stuff
donated by Bill

A normal black bag made of soft leather with a golden drawstring. It has 3 interconnected runic characters (non-magical) on the ourside which are the maker's mark of the Wizard who created it.

History: It was an accident. A powerful mage who was commissioned by another mage to create a unique bag of holding, got one of the components wrong and ended up with a Bag of Holding that functioned like a back door to other Bags of Holding.

How it Works: It functions as a normal Bag of Holding but with one difference. Whatever the person reaching into the Bag wants, they get, but only if there is another Bg of Holding within 100 miles of the Kender's Bag 'O' Stuff. The more people around the Kender, who also have Bags of Holding, the greater the chance that the Kender will get what he/she wants from the Bag 'O' Stuff. The dimensional plane that a normal Bag of Holding is linked to, is intruded upon by the Kender Bag 'O' Stuff allowing the Kender to grab things from the Bags of Holding which belong to other party members or people within 100 miles of the Kender with this magic item.

Kender Bag of Talking
donated by Zapper

an regular old pouch, yeah, sorta like this one. Oh? It's yours? I was just holding it for you. You dropped it a while back. Here you go.

History: It was made by a very ticked off mage that didn't like a particular kender so it was shoved into a bag oh holding and it is sealed so he will never get out. But he gets bored a lot.

How it Works: It thinks, a lot. It also talks quite a bit. If you ever try to put anything in his mouth, he'll bite you an you'll never see the item again unless you ask really really nice and then you might get something else that you've never seen before.

Kender Pouch O' Fun
donated by Kronin Swiftfoot

What does it look like?
A simple leather pouch of no abnormal qualities.

History: Who made it? How did you find it?
Created for Uncle Trappspringer by a great mage. It was first intended to be a pouch of holding but somewhere it all went wrong. While the casting was taking place, Zundar the Great Mage lost his concentration and then resumed
Not knowing the new magical properties of the pouch and thinking that a Kender would find amusement in whatever it was gave it to him anyways, Uncle Trapspringer being the kender that he is lost the pouch in Hylo and it has been passed around Kendermore
ever since.

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work?
When any item is placed in the pouch, it is never returned in the same form. The object is transmuted into another object at the DM's descretion.
Its secondary function is a Bag of holding

Kender Pouch of Holding
donated by Jon Phillips

These enchanted pouches come in many sizes and forms. For the most part,they are larger than average pouches, are totally normal in appearance. The outside of the pouch is entirely non-magical, and an ability granting detection of magic will show only magic streaming out from the part of the pouch that opens. (much like a normal pouch with continual light cast inside it, in a misty room)

History: Speculation on the origin of these items is probably pointless, as early records date their use as early as 1700 PC. However, some information can be pieced together. Said early records originated in Balifor, and were relocated to Kendermore shortly following the cataclysm. While powerful magic was more common in that era than today, mages powerful enough to create such items were still a rarity. One such mage, a master of the white robes named Allainic, is rumored to have been driven mad in an attempt to pry information from an extraplanar being. After making quite a mess of the tower of high sorcery in what is now known as the Ruins, Allainic was last seen walking unsteadily to the south. Scattered, garbled reports of a mage traveling through Ansalon with a party of Kender can be found in the remnants of the great library at Mt. Nevermind. However, the likelihood of an insane magic user creating not just one, but dozens of functional and stable enchanted items is so low, this theory can likely be dismissed.

How it Works: Kender Pouches of Holding are in many ways similar to normal bags of holding. Each bag is actually a small portal to a minuscule extraplanar space, which can be used for storage. However, the Kender pouches of holding differ in this respect - every pouch is a portal to the same tiny plane. (note - tiny compared to natural planes of existence. The actual size of the plane has not been calculated, but has been accumulating items for thousands of years - and isn’t full yet) Any item placed in the pouch is therefore liable to be removed from another pouch - possibly thousands of miles away. Also, once an item has been put into the pouch, the owner of it has no more chance of retrieving it than of pulling out any of the other items in it. Therefore, these items are shunned by almost all races. (I bet you can guess which one doesn’t…)

Specific Rules: (Note to DMs - an item like this can unbalance a campaign if not treated reasonably. Use of good judgment and the occasional appallingly painful consequence should keep things under control.)

Several things can be done with a Kender Pouch of Holding

  1. The user can make a random grab from it. -Under ideal circumstances, use the Kencyclopedia’s excellent pouch list, with some restraint.

    -Make it up. This is always your choice - if the PC kender keeps digging around at inopportune times, feel free to give him a three foot long catfish, which then clomps on to his head. -If you need some help, follow these guidelines: Roll 1d4.
    1- A bad/harmful item
    2- A boring/useless item
    3- An interesting/useful item
    4- A good/helpful item
    Then roll percentiles to ‘fine tune’ (at this point, it is again necessary to use some creative license) A 1-01 might be a sphere of Annihilation, a 4-99 might be a Holy Avenger sword +5. Or the Holy Hand grenade of Antioch. Or an uzi.

  2. They can specifically look for an item. Roll percentiles.
    01-10 Exact opposite. (i.e. want a torch, get a darkness 15’ spell)
    11-25 Opposite, but not harmful (want a dagger, get a pillow)
    26-75 Roll for a random grab (see above)
    76-95 Roughly what the Kender was looking for
    96-00 Something even better (want a torch, get a flashlight)

    Appropriate modifiers can be implemented for such things as the kender’s level, the relative rarity of the item, and the probability that a kender somewhere would actually put the item into his pouch. (Items bigger than the area of the pouch’s mouth cannot be removed)

  3. They can use the pouch for a quick getaway. This only applies to pouches with an opening AT LEAST wide enough for the kender’s head and one of their arms. A successful dex. Check (not a problem for most kender) is required to squeeze inside. However, they will then not be able to get out until another Kender opens another Pouch of Holding and they get to it before it closes! The interior of the pouch is 0-g, with a normal atmosphere and a whole lot of stuff floating around.
  4. They can attempt to trap an enemy inside it. This is obviously very powerful, but does not come without it’s drawbacks. For one, only creatures of T size or smaller can be trapped. An attack roll vs. their unarmored AC, with +5 to thaco is necessary. Also, creatures removed in this manner are neither killed nor defeated - so no experience points are gained. Also, there is always the chance that you will pull them out sometime in the future! There’s a good chance that they’ll remember you…
  5. They can try to turn it inside out. You’ve got to be pretty sick to try something like this. Roll 1d100. On 1-95, everything within a 30 foot radius of the pouch (EVERYTHING - stone floors, air, enemies - basically takes a spherical chunk out of the plane) is immediately transported to the plane within the pouch. At the same moment, 1d100 items from inside the plane are transported to wherever the pouch was. The pouch itself is still where it was. The kender who was holding it takes 1d8 damage from it being roughly ripped from his hands. On 95-00 the pouch detonates, disintegrating (as spell) everything within a 30 foot radius. The pouch itself is utterly destroyed, and every other Kender pouch of holding discharges 1d20 items as the plane is reduced by some 10 000 square feet.

Kender Pouch Of Infinity
donated by Jastom Mereel

The Kender Pouch Of Infinity, or KPI, looks like an ordinary
leather pouch. It is about the size of a potato sack, and has
a silken drawstring. The leather has been water-proofed, and
is impervious to harm.

History: The KPI was made during the Age of Dreams, by a Cleric of
Hiddukel. It was originally designed for storing money that
was ill-gotten, but eventually was lost, and later resurfaced
in 284 P.C., in Kendermore, by a kender named named Marcus Furrfoot (big
suprise, huh?).
The KPI has passed many hands since then, most of them kender.
For a time, Tasslehoff Burrfoot owned the pouch, but "lost" it
on a trip to Hylo.

How it Works: The Pouch Of Infinity is a magical pouch that will hold an
infinite number of items. When the owner wants something, he
just thinks about it, and reaches into the bag. Presto! The item
is there. No one really knows how many items are in the KPI,
but it is a good guess that anything you wish for will be in
the pouch.

Kender Pouch of Teleportation
donated by Julin Ringfinder

An old brown leather pouch with a black drawstring.(it doesn't look magical so no one would steal it)

History: It was created during the age of dreams by the elf wizard Silivinthus. Who made it look like an ordinary pouch so no one would steal it. It is a good thing too cosidering everywhere I go things turn up missing. It was a gift from my uncle trapspringer

How it Works: Whenever someone loses something interesting the lost item magicly teleports to the pouch. Because of it I have helped many people find their items.

Kender Pouch of the Red Dragon
donated by Dini Dandyhunt

It's a simple black pouch of holding with the word "Oops" writen in common on the outside.

History: This is a real story you see I was wandering around one day in this realy neat human village when all of a sudden people start yelling Theif and pointing at me well the town guards grabed me and emptied out my beltpouch. I was shocked to find I had a lot of realy cool things in it that I dident have when I entered town. I tryed to explane that thease items must be magical to have just jumped into his pouch but thay dident beleave me. so thay took all my realy neato items and decided to toss me into a nearby red dragons cave and well seeing as I had never aculy got to meet a red dragon I decided to go along with it. well thay tossed him in and he got to meet my first red dragon and Boy did he look unhappy (I Think he had indagestion) well the dragon and I had a nice long talk and I managed to convince him to climb into my now empty pouch along with his entire horde for safekeeping (he was afraid that Some one would steal it) and let me tell you it was a tight fit but we managed to fit him and his entire horde well after that i decided to return home to tell my family to avoid that town because thay seemed to not realize the magical qualitys of there items and would call them a thief but when i got there my new pouch seemed to have vanished. maby the lovly kendermaid borrowed it?

How it Works: When opened, a large and very disturbed red dragon will pop his head out and look around if it spots a kender. Then it will scream in fear and pull its head back in if no kender are around. Then it will promptly say "Hide me" before diving back into the pouch.

Magic Bean Pouch
donated by Drauken Flameblade

It looks like a regular pouch with a bean painted on it

History: It was made with the string thats always on corn when you take the green stuff off of it by my Uncle Trapspringer's sister's daughter's 3rd son's 2nd brother's grandmother's brother's grandmother.

How it Works: Every time you go somewhere that sells beans, it becomes full and fills all of your other pouches with beans.

Magic Pouch of Spoon Making
donated by FeatherKnot Pebblefoot


History: Well you see I was on the road from Solace one day and I happened upon a traveling merchant and he sold me Tasslehoff's Silver Spoon of Turning. Well on the way back I realized that the merchants pouch had somehow got on my belt. Well I opened it and it was full of spoons and each one was Tasslehoff's spoon of turning so obviously since there is usually only one the pouch has to have made more from the original. *Smiles*

How it Works: Makes magic spoons and each one is Tas's spoon of turning

Neverending Pouch
donated by Lord Chaos (a.k.a Chao Lord)

The Neverending Pouch looks like a pouch.

History: Tasslehoff Burrfoot owns this item. Other than that, I would assume Raistlin made it.

How it Works: The Neverending pouch is a combination of a Bag Of Holding (unlimited space/weight) and a Kender Pouch that has random things (some of which don't fit) in it. Only the owner can pull out the correct item.

Pouch of Everlasting Food
donated by Frank Crowley

A small tiny pouch about 4" long. made of leather.

History: Made by the mage Zethron in Hillsfar.

How it Works: When it is opened, the person must state what kind of food they wish for, and that food will appear when a hand is reached in and pulled out with the food that was desired.

Pouch of Everything but the kitchen sink!
donated by Cohenus the Halfling

A medium size bright yellow pouch.

History: It was passed down from halfling to halfling is Cohenus' family.

How it Works: It randomly gives you a magical, USEFUL and/or HUMOROUS item of the DM's choice. Roll d20: 1-7 = Small Item 8-14 = Medium Item 15-20 = Large Item Roll D6: 1-3 = Useful Item 4-6 = Humorous Item USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

Pouch of Gnomenclature
donated by Random Quikfingers

The Pouch of Gnomenclature has a very complicated lock on it. When you open the lock the top of this armored monstrosity. opens up on a hydraulic lift.

History: An insane wizard made it to give to a kender hero. It was handled the second he finished

How it Works: When you reach inside you pull out any gnomish device. Very helpful when being chased by a dragon, just pull out an alarm clock, set it, then toss it into the dragons mouth, BOOM!

Pouch of NetherItem
donated by Doogle Bippledorf

The pouch looks like something that would attract any normal is bright red and striped with bright green.

History: It was created by the great Kender-Mage......Disslehoof PocketDigger.....what a fun guy

How it Works: When an item is placed within it cannot be removed if it is thought about...the pouch will instead help you to pull out another Item of interest. Great for those situations when someone wants something back and you claim you don't have it.

pouch of no accusations
donated by stephen

A medium sized pouch, the coulor that the wearer wants it to be.

History: It was made by a kender mage after finding that if you leave an item behind then you can't be accused of stealing.

How it Works: Whenever an item is put into it a duplicate is found where the original was before the user picked it up. the duplicate my not be picked up by the same kender twice in a row (something dalamar did after tas had 500 staffs of magius) the kender will have that item but the owner will also have the original of the item A favorite of kender

Pouch of Pickling
donated by Slipshot Backflash

This beautiful pouch is a light blue, with dark blue and green sitiching on it. It is a little larger than a nomal pouch.

History: I don't know where it came from, or how it was made, cause, um, well, the uh.. dragon who was guarding it, is kinda,dead. I found it when my friends and I helped get rid of a dragon that was destroying a friends friend of mine's town. They took all sorts of stuff, and only gave me this pouch. But I think that I got the better deal.

How it Works: It's simple really. All you do is put whatever you want into it, and poof! Its pickled! Not only is it pickled, but what ever you put in there becomes edible. I found that out when I accidently put my Spoon of Gathering in there. Oh yea, you kinda have to have tolerance for pickled things, otherwise, well.... lets just leave it at that.

Pouch of Prophecies
donated by Liggithhigle Sweetcandy

It looks REALLY interesting... but all pouches do so, don't they? This one is an old-looking leather pouch with somewhat illegible writings on it. I swear they are magical marks. See the line here? I think this one represents the tail of an ancient dragon. And that one, doesn't it look like the mark on Raist's book? What? Oh yes, there are some stones and bones and nicely colored feathers in it.

History: It once belonged to a wizardess called Shariuan. She dropped it but didn't notice that. Lucky that I found the pouch. I meant to give it to her but she was very busy and I didn't want to disturb her so I decided to carry it for sometime then give it back. She would be pleased to see me help her but I somehow lost her. You know, she suddenly disappeared and never showed up again.

How it Works: Well, this is really exciting. When Shariuan had the pouch, she threw these stones and bones and all that stuff out and claimed that she saw the future through them. When I got the pouch, of course, I tried the same thing. It works!!! Whenever I throw all these things out, I feel some whispering voices in my head, they tell me the next interesting thing I will come accross. Moreover, they tell me WHERE I will find them. It is nice to know if there are some nice things in your companions' posession but they forget to tell you about them.

Pouch of Self Control
donated by Topknot Thistleswitch

Appears to be a normal pouch.

History: ?

How it Works: This magnificient purple satin pouch makes the kender wearer immune to all the different kinds of charms spells like charm self and charm pet beaver named bill and suggest yourself to eat!!!

Pouch of taking
donated by Kiurth Pouchgrabber

What does it look like?
A small pouch. Can be any color, any style. Usually looks to hold about 5 lbs.

History: Who made it? How did you find it?
It was made by the great mage Fistandauntilis before he grew almost omnipotent. To get it, one must 1)search Fistandauntilis' lab, 2)Make one using a minor teleport spell, or 3)Buy one off a Kender, who think that they are the best thing since fingers.

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work?
When the owner of the pouch touches something of a non-magical nature, and wants the item (Concoiusly or subconciously) receives it in the pouch about 30 minutes later.

Pouch of the Kender
donated by Insaniac

It looks like a common kender pouch, brown and smallish in size.

History: This was a pouch made by a little- known half-kender mage of the red robes.

How it Works: This pouch is actually a bag of holding, and can contain any amount of small items "held" by a kender. This pouch will return to the kender in possession of it unless "borrowed" by another kender. Also, the items held inside cannot be removed except by a kender.

Ring Lovers Case
donated by Kender Lore Master

Smaller than an avarage pouch. Between the sizes of a normal pouch and a small spell book.

History: Made by an unknown kender who somehow got a mage to tell him how to use power of mind reading, used this power on a pouch full of magic rings he had aquired.

How it Works: Basicly, you put your hands in the pouch, think of what rings you want or the effect you want and the rings will appear on your fingers when you remove your hands from the pouch.

Scaley Pouch
donated by Drauken Flameblade

A pouch that was somehow made from the skin of a draconian.

History: I dont know how it was made but I found it outside of a mages store.

How it Works: It can hold wet things and you can take the scales off and use them as toothpicks.

Spoonhanger's Neato Pouch
donated by Spoonhanger Kickbottom

This small pouch is made of a purple leather (supposedly a displacer beast's hide) and glows a little. when you put something in it, the thing you put in tepelorts (that means it moves, but not by moving) into another one of your pouches (chosen randomly.) This becomes useful when you can't decide which pouch to put something in, because it chooses dor you.

History: Haplo said that it was "a curs-ed spawn of evil that breeds in the pits and pools of the abyss itself!" I think he just said that because as soon as I put it on, I changed into 10 foot kender with bat wings and teeth. Dont worry I'm alright now, back to my old self.

How it Works: Plus, if you spin it around your head real fast, then say the magic words (Puwon Bralf,) It tepelorts itself to your belt and fastens itself there. the obvious advantage to this is if you are tied up by goblins who are about to eat you, and you need to put the pouch back on your belt (but you can't 'cuz you're tied up) you just swing it around your head and say the magic words.

The Happy Pouch of Ferrets
donated by Alan

It is a brown leather pouch decorated by little beads the shape of ferrets. It is about the size of a large ferret.

History: It was created by a ferret who had been magicaly turned into a kender wizard. He got lonely.

How it Works: You close your eyes, envision a ferret and when you open the pouch there is the ferret you imagined just as big as you wanted so long as it fits in the pouch. The ferret is also whatever color and type you wanted.

The Kender bag of feed
donated by Flop Twinkletoes

It is a small forest green leather pouch with a lavender drawstring. It is decorated with beads sewn on in the shape of hoopaks on four sides and a strange blue dot on the bottom that smells like ginger.

History: Who made it is unknown but Flop found it in an old gray box (The box was airtight and had washed up on the shores of the White Rage River) along with some other things she will donate later.

How it Works: This pouch can have two things in it, depending on which one is needed. If a kender(It can only be used by a kender)is lost(or has been kicked out of an inn)and hungry, this bag will be full of bread chunks until the kender is full. If the kender is in this same position and is also thirsty(or only thirsty), it will has one or two viles of water in there.

the Kender Pouch of Beasties
donated by Solstice Bramblebug

Looks like an ordinary blue pouch (fuzzy and velvetlike) with black silk drawstrings. Fits in the average pocket, no matter how full.

History: Made by myself, Thornn Bramblebug, to contain Gertrude the Brightly Coloured Lizard and her travelling companions.

How it Works: The pouch automatically shrinks it's contents down quite a bit (enough to fit into a pocket in my mage-robes). It is never really full and will only carry living things of a non-kenderish, humanish, minotaur-elf-or- anything-else-ish nature. The pouch *will not* let the Beasties so contained out until I say so. The animals are not harmed. In fact, I'm told that they prefer it to most other modes of transportation. *WARNING*. The only pouch like this is mine. Accept no imitations. Also, the pouch *will not* hold dragons. It's allergic.

The kender pouch of multiplication
donated by Hairbristle thunderhop

It is a purple pouch.

History: It was found by a great kender, who I
can't remember his name, THe kender opened the pouch and another
one of himslef popped out. he did this several times and had around 6
to7 of him running around.

How it Works: The Pouch simply make copys of the user. these copies last
5d10 hours THe pouch can only make 30 copies of 1 kender.
If one dies 30 still come out the next time, the pouch can be used an
unlimited # of times aday as long as less then 30 kenders are out.
It only works with kenders, any other race that uses it, the user is
turned into a kender and must like act a kender for 1d20 + 1d4 years.

The Kender-proof Pouch
donated by Palin W

Although it's called a "pouch," it can actually be any form of container, including, but not limited to: backpacks, sacks, packs, pouches, and other similar things.

History: This item is one that just about every kender dreads ever coming across. The first one was manufactured by a wizard who got fed up with trying keep kenders' hands out of his belongings. While he wasn't a "bad" man (he was actually a white-robe), he did invent this item (for which every other race is indebted to him for). After he made the first one, he began to recieve orders from all over. Since he couldn't keep up with the demand, he got a few apprentices and taught them how to create these items. After his workshop mysteriously burned down, his apprentices went out into the world, creating these items every now and then. Only about 600 of these were ever created before the workshop, with about a dozen or so new ones appearing each year.

How it Works: Basically, it's kender-proof. Impossible as that may sound, it's true. If a kender (or a person with kender blood) sticks his hand in the pouch, it immediately seals itself tightly around the kender's hand. The hand remains stuck in the pouch until the pouch's owner opens it and releases the trapped kender. Should the kender actually try to remove the pouch from the owner's belt (or wherever the owner carries it on his/her person), it begins to shriek "THIEF!" until the kender releases it. Any attempt to magically remove the pouch have the same result, only with the addition of the word "CUTPURSE" suddenly appearing on the offending kender's forehead in bright blue letters. (Note: because of the magic of the pouch, it cannot be removed from its owner's person by any kender whose hand [s} is[are} already trapped in it.) However, these pouches aren't proof against thieves of other races, so the owner still must be on the lookout for real thieves. Interestingly enough, kender can own and use these pouches as well. If the owner of the pouch is a kender, then the owner (and ONLY the owner) is exempt from its effects. However, since the majority of kender believe in community property, most kender don't use these. Those that do tend to be less warmly recieved by their fellows (- 2 to all rolls involving Cha with other kender). The owner is identified by his name stitched in bright blue letters somewhere on the pouch's outside. If ownership of the pouch should be transfered through any means, the previous owner's name vanishes and is replaced by the name of the new owner.

The Light Giving Pouch
donated by Bendrig Mapmaker

Looks like a well made small belt pouch, about the size of an average money pouch of red leather, sewn with a green thread. It has a mage's rune on it, also green.

History: The mage O'keogh will make this pouch (time-traveling, to complicated to explain) as a lightweight replacement for a lantern. He intended to keep his spell components in it. But some of the spells used to create it backfired. Now the pouch randomly gives light, it can't remember a command word. Having no use for an item that proved to be an annoyance on occasions, he gave it away.

How it Works: Tthe pouch doesn't recognize any set command word, it has a 50% chance to react on any word of gibberish. But as any word in another language then common is gibberish for the pouch... take a stroll in an elven or dwarven town and you're acting as christmas lighting. On off on off on off... It gives of light equal in radius and strength to a continual light spell.

The Magic Bags of Eternal Blue Marbles
donated by Shentrin Burrfoot

It's a light blue pouch.

History: No one knows. It's been around forever.

How it Works: Well, the magic bags of eternal Blue marbles are mine (and anyone elses, if I give some away.) As soon as you get one, you'll find it's ALWAYS full of blue marbles, and it multiplies to fill all of the space on an outfit!!! Well, every single one I give away, means another person has eternal marbles! Some humans think it's cursed, though, because once you get it, you can't get rid of it unless you waste a wish spell! Well, that's not for me! I'll keep my blue marbles, and wish for some more marble games. P.S. All of the marbles are slightly different (but all are BLUE!!!) Shentrin Burrfoot, Keeper of the eternal bags of Blue Marbles. P.S.S. I think the Marbles are sentiant (a mage told me that). Well, I don't know about sentiant, but they can talk if they want to (which isn't often, and is only to Kender).

The No-See-It Pouch
donated by Lili Sparkfire

What does it look like? It's a black leather pouch with dark
blue straps that go around your waist. It also has white
beads on the black leather. It always looks empty.

History: Who made it? How did you find it? I don't know who made it,
but I found it under my bed.

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work? Whenever a person comes to
you looking for their stuff, you can show them the inside of
your pouch and it looks empty but it's not. When you put
something in the pouch it disappears, but it reappears if you
take it out.

The Padfoot BackPack of Holding!
donated by Nolan Ruthidord Mudskipper

It looks like a normal backpack, but it always looks brand new.

History: I got a wish from a magic being on a mountain called a Ki-rin, and i wished for it!

How it Works: It Can hold anything! (Exept stuff that can't fit, like a house or sumfin. But people and animals and items ect. can! And it's indestructable! And water proof! Can a person go inside it? Yes, a person can go inside. Can you live in it? It's like another world inside, except there's no gravity and no land, water, life, ect. But you can't live in it, because if stay in for more than your level in hours (say your level 5, you can only stay in for 5 hours before getting trapped.)you can't get out, unless taken out. When your looking for something does it automatically come to the top? It has unlimited space. And, when your looking for somthing in specific it is easy to find, you can just pull it out easily.

The Pouch I Borrowed
donated by Kaodi

A smallish pouch with a cord pull string, it closely resembles many other kender pouches.

History: After stumbling upon a kender whos pouches had been confiscated by the local authorities for being trouble, powerful mage decided he would make the poor soul a magical pouch that could not be stolen. The inside of the pouch he made to be much, much larger than it looked, and it was so large that the mage would of been able to stand in in should he be able to get into the pouch. Several days after parting ways, the kender met up with an old friend of his. They told each other stories and eventually parted ways. Later that day, when the kender went to get something from his new pouch, he found that it was missing. He didn't mind though, he knew his friend had likely just borrowed it for awhile.

How it Works: Due to the fact that the pouch is unstealable, the chances of it being found on anyone but a kender are highly unlikely. The pouch has a way of suggesting to its current owner when someone is trying to trick them into giving it away, when they aren't really just wanting to borrowing it.

The Pouch of Emptyness
donated by Kipper Snifferdoo

he pouch looks like and ordinary leather pouch. And it always seems to be full.

History: (Some people say that it was created by a unscrupulous magician merchant that would give one away with every purchase and when his customer placed the items in the bag it would return to the magician to sell again to the next customer, but this has never been proven.)

How it Works: This magical pouch is known as a cursed item among kender and a blessed item to everyone else on Krynn. Any object placed within the pouch will disappear and reappear back in the original place it was picked up from. Most kender will find many items and continue to stuff them into this pouch, but once they get a chance to sit down and sort out their "findings" they discover that the pouch is empty. All the items have returned to their original owners.

The Wonderful Bag of Tricks
donated by Toten Branchbender

The Wonderful Bag of Tricks looks like a small, unassuming sack of bright blue, red, green, yellow, pink, orange, etc. colors. Despite its odd appearance, no one seems to notice it.

History: I found it one day. Honestly it was just sitting there by the river bank. well any ways, I picked it up then this nice man sat down next to me and told me it was his but that if I shared some bread with him that I could have it and since I'm no thief and I believe that all things should be legitimately purchased, unless they are found laying around, I of course shared my bread to obtain a new pouch.

How it Works: The oddest thing, when ever I put my hand in there is nothing, but when an angry merchant fails to comprehend that I was only cleaning the bracelet I put my hand in the bag to find some item such as a smoke stick or flash powder that distracts him so I can take my leave. The Wonderful Bag of Tricks produces escape items/slight of hand tricks at random. Choose the type of item you want then roll a d10, the higher the roll the more effective the item.

The Wonderful Pouch of Sunshine Eternal
donated by Rian Nettlebranch

A medium-sized pouch, made of shiny golden silk and tied with a golden twine. When held, it appears that the pouch holds a ball of soft yarn about the size of two kender-fists.

History: Before the Cataclysm, the pouch was the property of a daring vampire-hunter named Val Husling of Tarsis. Among his many talents was the use of magic (although nobody knows if he had ever been a full-time mage), and it is told that he created the pouch in order to destroy those evil creatures of the dark. As it happened, one night a traveling kender named Esnephie Sheersock has encountered Val Husling while the latter have been using the magical pouch. Esnephie was immediately taken with the idea that he could now test the new sundial he had found to see if it was functioning. So he borrowed the pouch, but by the time he had finished using it (around eleven fifteen pm, according to the sundial), the vampire-hunter wasn't to be seen anywhere. Esenphie pocketed the pouch in order to seek Van Husling out and return it to him, but the two never met again. Bad luck, too, because Van Husling sure could have used the pouch the next time he met a vampire, which was, coincidentally, the last time anyone had seen him.

How it Works: The pouch contains a ball of yellow wool that have been affected with a powerful continuous light spell. The pouch is magically designed to seal the spell within. Once the twine is released and the pouch is opened, a ray of light is allowed to shine through the mouth of the pouch, creating a floodlight as bright as mid noon sun. The light can be directed wherever the mouth of the pouch is turned, and lasts until the pouch is closed again. The light doesn't have the same effects as the original continuous light spell - it acts like ordinary sunlight, which means it can be used against creatures who are damaged by sunlight. It can also be used for illumination, tanning, drying wet clothes and creating silhouette-shows. No other items can be placed in the pouch, nor can the ball of wool be removed from it.

Torn Pouch of Unlimited Holding
donated by Timber Telltale

It is an old leather pouch that is tattered and torn. There is a long tear across the bottom of the pouch.

History: It came from an old Black robed mage. The Gully Dwarf Tungu saw the mage lose it after it got caught on a shard of broken wood.

How it Works: First, it will hold as many items as you put in it, though the items are hard to retrieve. Second, The pouch does not gain weight as items are added. Finally, it also duplicates the item that was put in it, as an exact replica is usually found laying on the ground in the general area. No Gully Dwarf has yet figured out the magic word to retrieve the items.

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