Tika Waylan VS Goldmoon

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Tika Waylan

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Tika "The Iron Maiden" Waylan
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Weight: 103 pounds
  • From: Solace
  • Finishing move: Fry Skillet Crunch
This unlikely Hero of the Lance learned to be a full fledged warrior on the road with the companions. Her fiery temper and skill with kitchen pots and pans should not be underestimated. As Caramon's sweetheart Tika has a jealous streak that can't be matched when it comes to her beloved.

Tika is an erratic fighter. Her unorthodox style comes from a lack of proper trainer as a warrior. But years of waitressing have taught Tika a number of maneuvers that have taken out many a drunken "warrior that have taken their shot at "wooing" her. Tika has a particular nasty temper which is why most men run in fear from her before finishing the battle. her finishing maneuver is a bone crushing blow with her favorite fry skillet.


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Goldmoon "Mishakal Unleashed"
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Weight: 110 pounds
  • From: Plain of Dust
  • Finishing move: Blue Crystal Chokehold
The woman with the Blue Crystal Staff(tm), Goldmoon was the first true healer in Anaslon in over 300 years. Her devotion to the Goddess Mishakal is only matched by the devotion of her beloved Riverwind to her. Goldmoon brought healing back into the world through the use of the Blue Crystal Staff(tm).

Goldmoon was raised as the princes of a Barbarian tribe. As such she was trained in the ways of the warrior. With her Blue Crystal Staff(TM) in hand Goldmoon can almost seem untouchable. Her finishing move "Blue Crystal Chokehold (TM)" is a fearful move where Goldmoon chokes her opponent with the Blue Crystal Staff(tm) until they are a breath away from dying and then she prays to Mishakal to heal them only to choke the life out of them again.

As the companions spend one more restless night on the road tension is high and tempers are short. It's been a rough journey so far. Goldmoon and Riverwind have an arguement and part ways, Tika gets mad a Caramon and storms away from him. Everyone is upset and Raistlin is hiding a rare grin.

Goldmoon walks over to Tika to join her in a little girl talk and before you know it they are yelling at each other! In the blink of an eye each woman is attacking the other.

The men just stare in awe...

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