Laurana VS Alhana Starbreeze

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Laurana "The Golden General"
  • Race: elf
  • Height: 5' 0"
  • Weight: 97 pounds
  • From: Qualinesti
  • Finishing move: Glittering Piledriver
The Golden General became and icon for the forces of good during the War of the Lance. Her courage, bravery and good looks raised morale among the Knights of Solomnia and the forces of Paladine. But before she became the Golden General Laurana was a "companion" to Tanis Half-Elven.

This unassuming figure can be a terror in battle. She has more skill than her opponents give her credit for. This young elven warrior grew up fast and has learned a thing or two from his brother Gilthanas. Laurana uses her good looks to her advantage by distracting her opponents with a quick smile before she strikes. Her finishing move, The Glittering Piledriver, has been voted the most beautiful and graceful of all the maneuvers.

Alhana Starbreeze

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Alhana "Princess Rage" Starbreeze
  • Race: Elf
  • Height: 5' 2"
  • Weight: 95 pounds
  • From: Silvanesti
  • Finishing move: Alana's Starjewel
Alhana Starbreeze friend of the Griffons is a powerful, strong woman among the Silvanesti Elves. She is best know for her love of her people and the love of uptight, strict men. She is an ally of the Griffons and relies on them for support and strength in times of need.

Her relation with the Griffon's affords Alana an edge in any battle. But her deadliest maneuver is "Alhana's Starjewel" Beware the person that receives this "gift" from her. It surely indicates some horrible fate is about to fall upon them. Don't underestimate the woman from her size or appearance, if you do you'll soon regret it.

On a rare diplomatic mission Laurana is asked to appear as a royal representative for Qualinesti in Silvanesti. On the way a group of Wildrunners intercept the party of elves and restricts them from entering until they have official word that the Qualinesti are allowed in.

Laurana is embarrassed by the delay and irritated when a royal emissary from Silvanesti approaches and talks down to her. Alhana has words with the Qualinesti and a most un-lady-like brawl ensues.

Only one princess will come out on top.

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