Lord Gunthar VS Riverwind

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Lord Gunthar

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Lord Gunthar "Thorny Rose" Uth Wistan
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 6' 9"
  • Weight: 223 pounds
  • From: Sancrist
  • Finishing move: Stomp of Lordly Might
At the time of the War of the Lance Lord Gunthar was the most powerful Knight of Solamnia. He lead thousands of knights to their deaths in defense against the armies of Takhisis. This leader of men is not easily phased or distracted once he is focus on something he wants.

The only thing that could stop this man from becoming the best of the best is his Solamnic Code of honor. He can fight like a demon, throwing out moves like the "Vinus Skullcrusher" and the "Brightblade Closeline of Honor", but if you drop your weapon he's the first to pick it up and hand it to you, or if you turn your back he's helpless to attack you. "My honor is my life" may turn into "My honor cost my life".


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Riverwind "Goldmoon's Favorite"
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 6' 11"
  • Weight: 193 pounds
  • From: Plains of Dust
  • Finishing move: Veil of Scorn
Riverwind is hardcore "whipped" by his beloved Goldmoon. This member of the Heroes of the Lance was only there for one reason, because Goldmoon was. Despite that he is a brave warrior among his people and the only thing more frightening than his towering height is his permanent scowl.

Riverwind was raised in the Plains of Dust as a barbarian so he's familiar with a raw style of combat and is used to fighting for survival. He is cool in a fight except when it's over Goldmoon. Once she is involved somehow he becomes a raging maniac without any regard for his own well-being. Steer clear of this plainsman if he's

Lord Gunthar stops his horse. Being on partol in the Plains of Dust is no easy task, but there have been rumors of evil happens in this place. A barbarian warrior appears. He's a tall, strong, grim looking fighter. Lord Guthar calls Riverwind over in a tone the warrior takes as disrespectful, and he ignores the Knights demand.

Lord Gunthar, is already in a bad mood. He's hot, tired, and not used to having his orders ignored. Especially by any barbarian. Harsh words turn into fighting words between the two.

Who wins?

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