Lord Soth VS N'sync

This Rumble ended on 2001-10-30 00:00:00.0.

Lord Soth

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Unholy Army: Skeletal warriors.
Achilles Heel: Pointy-eared maidens.
Special Powers: Can kill with a word
Quotables: “You, Kitiara-you will be mine forever...”
Hit Singles: “Musically Challenged"
What makes them bad: Sold soul to Takhisis (Got legions of screaming Banshees in the bargain.)
How they got to the top: Achieved overnight success because he failed to stop the Cataclysm.
Style: Creepy ‘restraining order' type chic.
Spends freetime: Sitting in tower, gloating over glorious career.
Likes women who are: Extra crispy.


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Unholy Army: Skeletal back-up dancers.
Achilles Heel: N’Good at phonetics.
Special Powers: Managed to sell a Christmas Album
Quotables: “Those invertebrates’ll sting you, OLD SCHOOL!”
Hit Singles: “I Want You Back”, “Drive Myself Crazy"
What makes them bad: Sold soul to BMG
(Got legions of screaming pre-teens in the bargain.)
How they got to the top: Achieved overnight success because alternative music fans failed to stop that cataclysm.
Style: Walmart meets Vanilla Ice.
Spends freetime: Sitting in tower brooding over a once failed careers of other boy bands.
Likes women who are: Teen pop sensations.

The Press Conference by Alex Loke

JC, speaking for N’Sync yesterday affirmed that he would “sink that bad boy like a six-pack”, a statement quickly revoked by his publicist on the advice of JC’s long suffering rehabilitation councillor. Soth responded in kind by invoking the stun power word on the obviously inebriated JC.

The obviously flustered members of N’Sync recovered to condemn Soth’s actions. “That aint cool!” Joey Fatone later said, in a tearful complaint to the IDWF (Inter-Dimensional Wrestling Foundation). “And I know what cool is, old school!” The IDWF is apparently looking into the matter.

“I am unsure as to what exactly this ‘can of whup-ass’ they speak of is, but it will be no match for my power.” Soth said. “They have no magic bracelets, dragons or even a modicum of skill as musicians. My power is absolute in all realms. I am feared across the planes of existence even by the fearless Kender! Those who I command to fall shall fall. Those I command to despair shall despair. I am confident I can make them cry like Palanthian sissy-men. Britney shall be mine!”

Justin Timberlake, Britney’s eminent fiance and N’Sync’s youngest member, could hardly contain his anger but managed to make a final parting statement. “We’re ready. This cradle-snatchin’ punk must be mistakin’ us for Backstreet Boys. N’Sync don’t back down for no one. We didn’t get this far by just looking buff and using unnecessary contractions. We got this far by breakin’ the rules; except those rules contractually imposed by our record label and their legal representatives, who have no say in said rules-breaking and have not, in any way, forced me to supply the previous disclaimer. I say, bring it! Don’t use drugs kids.”

Soth departed the conference in his carriage made of bone drawn by the weeping souls of those who died in the Cataclysm, refusing further comment, except to deny reports that he was currently residing in Ravenloft.

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