Tanis Half-Elven VS Caramon Majere

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Tanis Half-Elven

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Tanis "Mercenary of Anguish" Half-Elven
  • Height: 5' 11"
  • Weight: 163 pounds
  • From: Qualinesti
  • Finishing move: Angst Crusher
The unwilling leader of the Heroes of the Lance is one of the most powerful and colorful superstars on the roster. His power moves, including his finishing maneuver, the Angst Crusher, where he goes on and on about how he has been love scorned and thrust into a position of leadership he never wanted, is the stuff of nightmares!

Tanis can be a demon with a bow, and even worse with a whine. He spends his spare time in deep self-reflection and prefers peace and solitude to the burden of responsibility.

Caramon Majere

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Caramon "Women Phantasm" Majere
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 6' 9"
  • Weight: 280 pounds
  • From: Solace
  • Finishing move: Hamfist (followed by Cheesefist)
Fraternal twin to Raistlin Majere, this young man has a heart the size of Palanthas and muscles to spare. The good natured warrior has a lust for life and likes his food likes he likes his women... hot and in large quantities and he can drink ale by the barrelful.

Caramon is a carefree fighter. His size and strength make him bull in any battle. Opponents find it hard-pressed to take a hit from this man without going down. There are 2 things to stay away from when it comes to Caramon Majere, first is his brother Raistlin. Anyone trying to hurt Raist must first get through Caramon (and people rarely do). The second thing to watch for his is mouth, in any social setting containing food you must be careful or you may get knocked over by Caramon's famous Hamfist.

Tanis stumbled through the twisted tortured trees of Silvanesti. He had lost his ways from the others in this nightmare of magic that had the elven lands in it's claws. He stumbled through the dark groves in the dim green sickly light when a creature jumped out in surprise with a horrifying screech. The black scalely monster was huge, almost 7 feet tall and almost as wide. Tanis drew his sword and prepared to fight.

Caramon, lost in this twisted dream, leapt out from some bushes to ambush the draconian that wandered by. It was a strange looking drac. It's face was covered with red fur. But there was no doubt it would kill him if it was given a chance, and he didn't intend on letting that happen.

Tanis and Caramon face off as helpless pawns of the nightmare magic of Silvanesti.

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