Bupu VS Gnosh

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Bupu "of the Magic Lizard"
  • Race: Gully Dwarf
  • Height: 3' 2"
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • From: Xak Tsaroth
  • Finishing move: Ankle Bite
Bupu was just your average Gully Dwarf, until she was favored by Raistlin. Then she became the most famous Gully Dwarf of all time, even being more recognized than her sovereign ruler Highbulp Phudge I, the Great. Since than there is no stopping this ball of dust and dirt.

After donning the magic lizard that Raistlin wore, Bupu finds that she has an incredible inner strength and courage she never had before. Not mention she can also count up to three! This truly incredible transformation makes Bupu a force to be reckoned with in battle. Don't let her get to close or she'll get a hold of you ankles, and once that's done, you're in for.


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Gnosh "Gnoshoshallamarioninillisyylphanitdisslishxdie-"
  • Race: Gnome
  • Height: 3' 6"
  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • From: Mount Nevermind
  • Finishing move: 3.816 per square inch pressure punch
Gnosh was the first gnome Tasslehoff Burrfoot had ever encountered during his wanderlust. His Life Quest was spent on determining the working of the fabled Dragon's Orb.

As a warrior Gnosh is nervous, serious, and businesslike. He is not usually provoked into a battle unless something forces him to like someone stealing or threatening to ruin his Life Quest. Although erratic as a warrior Gnosh is always assumed to have some type of invention on him. But the type of invention and reaction he gets from it may end up harming himself as much as his opponent.

*Poof* "WheramI?" Gnosh looks around.

"Itappearsihavebeensenttoanunderground- dwellingofsomesortthemineralsinthiscavern- wallseemtobesomethingofalightermaterial- thanMtNevermindiscomposedof...Itworked- theinterdimensionalflyfisherhascastmefar- fromMtNevermind-itsaresoudingsuccess!NowtofindoutjustwhereIam-

The gnome spies a gully dwarf hiding behind a jagged boulder. "HellocanyoupointmeinthedirectionofMtNevermind?"

Bupu is cornered and the strange magical man is muttering the words to some awful spell that she can't comprehend. In a fit of fear the gully dwarf takes out her lizard and prepares for battle with the mumbling demon.

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