Welcome to Luck of the Kender. This is purely a game of luck with a little strategy thrown in. You are a kender on a small adventure and as you travel you have the opportunity to borrow certain items. Each round you will be presented six items. One of the items may or may not be a "Gotcha!". Borrowing a "Gotcha!" will get you thrown into jail overnight, you will lose all your possesions, and you will lose the game. The chances are that in early rounds you could easily pick all six and be safe, but don't get greedy. The higher up you go in rounds the more likely it will be that one of them is a "Gotcha!".

You are playing for Wooden Penguins. The kender with the most Wooden Penguins at the end may end up in the list of high scorers. As you are playing you may be approached by a mage that will offer you a magic item. If you take the magic item and make it safely through the next round you will double your score for that round. But if you fail, you will lose all your Wooden Penguins. Enter you name below to begin.

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