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A Bored Kender by Mikael C. Lebleu
"The crulest form of torture one can inflict on a kender is to lock him up. Of course, it is also widely believed that the cruelest form of tourture one can inflict on any other species is to lock them up with a kender. After three days of Tasslehoff's incessant chatter, pranks, and practicle jokes, the companions would have willingly traded the kender for a peaceful hour of being stretched on the rack - at least that's what Flint said. Finally, after even Goldmoon lost her temper and nearly slapped him, Tanis sent Tasslehoff to the back of the cart. His legs hanging over the edge, the kender pressed his face against the iron bars and throught he would die of misery. He had never been so bored in his life."
The Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

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