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Chicory Fringlefoot by Alane Fieldson
"You big bully! You’re nothing but a piece of troll dung I couldn’t be bothered to wipe off my fourth-best boots! How dare you call me a thief, you miserable excuse for a lame-brained orc! Just because you’re too nit-witted to hold onto your belongings, don’t go blaming me for it. I wouldn’t touch your money belt if my life depended on it. It’s bound to be loaded with lice and fleas. Just look at your beard, you lop-eared maggot... it’s crawling with them. Or is that the remains of last week’s breakfast?" ...Chicory Fringlefoot, to a rather large barbarian, in "Caryn and the Kenders". Character creation, history and tales by Cathi Pelletier of Heronwing's Fantasy World

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