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Tas in The Test of the Twins by Naomi Nemes
Sitting down cross-legged on the floor, the kender blissfully upended his pouches, spilling their contents out onto the rug. As he absent-mindedly munched on a few cookies, Tas's Proud Gaze went first to a whole sheaf of new maps Tanis had given him. Unrolling them, one after another, his small finger traced a route to all the wonderful places he'd visited in his many adventures. "It was nice traveling," he said after a while, "but it's certainly nicer coming home. I'll just stay here with Tika and Caramon. We'll be a family. Caramon said I could have a room in the new house and - Why, what's that?" He looked closely at the map. "Merlion? I never heard of a city named Merlion. I wonder what it's like....
Description from Test of the Twins - ByMargaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

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